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Inky voter’s thumb and vino

So Nic Harry from SA Rocks came up with this cool idea to post a whole lot of pics of South Africans and their inky thumbs today. The ink shows that you have voted in the national elections today, 22 April 2009.

I’ll link to his post as soon as it is up, as it will be fascinating to see. UPDATE: here it is! In the meantime, here’s my inky voter’s thumb, clutching a celebratory glass of South African vino – of course.


For the record, it’s Cloof’s very delicious Happy Dragon 2006 I am drinking. This is a Pinotage-Shiraz blend, with a cute SA-variation of the St George and the dragon story on the label. It’s newly released and apparently should be hitting the shelves any day now.

Speaking of Darling, with some phenomenal timing that I can’t take credit for at all, I am now off to see Pieter-Dirk Uys, in his new show Elections and Erections, at the Baxter in Cape Town.


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Mouille Point revamped

So much for all the nay-sayers who threw up their arms in despair when the plans for the Green Point stadium were announced. Now although you can’t see the stadium itself in these pics from Signal Hill, you can see the extent of the development reaching to Bay Road in Mouille Point. (The stadium is just off the the right). As I understand it, most of this is a golf course to replace the one that got dug up for the stadium. Nice. Lots of green. I may have to take up golf again.

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Places I have parked: Cape Town International Airport

Some time last year I remember reading this cool list of things to do with your phone to make your life easier. One of them – which struck me as so obvious that I can’t think why no one had thought of it before – was to take a picture of your parking space number, especially when you are parking in huge multi-storey car parks at places like shopping malls and airports.

You know what it’s like, you dash off to a meeting or a movie, mumbling K43… K43…, next to the blue Golf (which has inevitably left by the time you return), kind of diagonally to my right (or was it left??) of the lift.

Instead, just use your phone to take a quick pic of your parking spot.

So I gave this a go yesterday when I parked in one of the new parkades at Cape Town International Airport. Good thing I did too – when I returned over 12 hours later, with a brain frazzled from meetings and aeroplane air, I saved myself much swearing and stomping around on already knackered feet.

Check it out:

(taken with my Nokia N79 – which I am liking very much. Blame the dodgy pic on the user, I’m no Mario Testino at the crack of dawn with two bags slung off my shoulders)

Tip – if you are parking at Cape Town International, chose parkage 1 for the international terminal and parkade 2 for domestic. It’s not as clearly marked as it should be, especially at the crack of dawn, pre-coffee. Also, make sure you chose the right location for your wallet: undercover is over R 80 for 12 – 24 hours, while open air is just over R 40 for the same time period.

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